8 Tips To Maximize Muscle Growth!

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Want to know how to maximize your gains and easily build muscle? Well let’s get straight to it!

1. Eat your fuel.

Consuming foods high in protein and carbs will help get you tight and toned. They not only promote muscle growth, but also benefit you while training hard and make it easy to recover.

2. Use quality training techniques vs training too much.

Implement a results-driven program, like our My Peach Is Perfect Booty Growth Program, so you can see progress. Progress over perfection, right?

3. Relax, Rest. Sleep.

Yep, you heard right! Your body needs replenishing for mental clarity, performance, and muscle growth. So count plenty of sheep! 7 hours minimum!

4. Plan your meals around your training.

Pre and post-workout meals are super important to aid in the recovery and growth process. Training fasted is ok too, just be sure to get your carbs and proteins in daily. Most importantly though, you should be eating “enough" to grow.

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5. Focus on your mind-muscle connection.

Can you feel your muscles working? Establishing a good mind-muscle connection will ensure you are doing quality reps, which leads to better gains. Don't be afraid to use lighter weights if necessary. Quality over quantity!

6. It's easier said than done but DON'T STRESS!

Stress stunts muscle growth. Move with ease and practice lots of self-care. Take it easy on your mind and your body.

7. Track your training to ensure you are progressing.

More reps and/or more weight equals more growth and gains. We recommend using a fitness journal or app to track your progress.

8. Patience is key!

Muscle growth takes time, so having unrealistic expectations doesn’t help. Be patient, do the work, and reap the rewards.

Establishing habits like these is vital to building a well-rounded physique that not only looks good but moves and feels good.

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